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Whether you need to capture a personal experience, boost your business or blog,
we got you covered

Location are available for book

22,23 January   Brookfield Place


29,30 January   The Vessel

Limited spots for $59,99

2 screen


Our goal is to set up studios an mini fhotoshoots in every major city of the world where you can get professional and affordable photos and videos for any occasion.

• Do you have a blog?
• Do you own a small or medium-sized business?
• Are you simply someone who loves to capture important moments in your life?

We're here to ensure you get top-quality service without breaking the bank.

We also help people make connections. Every photoshoot provides an opportunity for you to meet new people, collaborate and grow together through learning.



Over 10 years of experience

Affordable for everyone

Experience of working with top bloggers

For any occasion family's / brands / business

Professional photo studio in Williamsburg, New York

We're a team of digital marketing specialist who know how to create photos that sell

Network and connect with bloggers and peers

Success stories

Success stories



On location

On location (picked by the photographer)


Group photoshoot

Simultaneous group photoshoot (pay less without compromising on quality)


New connections

Make new connections and collaborate with bloggers


"Individual photo sessions"

"Individual photo sessions"


Fast shooting



250 raw photos

1 photoshoot 15 min

1 outfit


1 hour shooting gold



250 raw photos/month

1 photoshoot - 60 min

3-4 outfit

10 retouched photos

you can choose: studio or location


Super combo



300 raw photos/month

1 photoshoot - 80 min

5-7 outfit

10 retouched photos

you can choose: studio or location

hairstyle and makeup

+ 1 photo is $10 standard retouching or $20 magazine quality photo
+ Client-picked location - $100



We will teach you posing techniques and, most importantly, get you to feel comfortable and relaxed

We arrange photo days where we do group photoshoots. That keeps the price affordable while also helping you make new connections and network with peers.

We teach our customers how to behave in front of a camera and do our best to make them feel safe and comfortable.

If you need professional help, you can always request stylist services from our vetted stylists.

We work with professional makeup artists whose services you can request.

Some shots turn out great, some not so much. It's totally normal to not be happy with some of your photos. The photographer will make sure to emphasize your strong points and pick only the best shots that you like.

We offer a broad range of high-quality, affordable services. We love what we do and are always willing to throw a few perks on top so that you get the best possible experience.


Got any questions left?

Thank you! We will contact you soon

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